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How Female Homebuyers in India are on the Advantageous Level

April 17, 2020 | Admin

How Female Homebuyers in India are on the Advantageous Level

In the era of modernization, women empowerment is the strongest and revolutionary term which is not only in the trend but it has also impacted a lot on the current condition and mindsets of millions of females across the globe.

In India too, numerous familiar advantages have been provided to women in different sectors, jobs and other resources. While buying a home, numerous sections have been altered to provide benefits to the female buyers and this point is making a big difference due to which the figures of female homebuyers have been increased a lot over the past few decades in India.

Let us have a close look over those major points which a female home buyer should keep in mind while making investments in properties or while buying a home.

  1. The amount of home loan eligibility has been increased in India for female buyers. There wife’ name can increase the amount of loan.
  2. The rate of interest on home loans is also lower in the case of women whereas males have to pay the actual rate while paying home loans.
  3. Stamp duties across the states while buying properties also provide a partial waiver in the cases of female homebuyers. For example, a male buyer would have to pay Rs. 6 lakh as stamp duty for every 1 crore of a property whereas, it reduced up to Rs. 4 lakh if the property is undertaken by a woman.
  4. A female homebuyer in India can also avail numerous tax benefits on home loan and under PMAY scheme, unmarried girls can also ask for subsidy and other offers while buying a property.

Apart from that numerous other big benefits are also providing to female buyers in the country like different types of financial covers, rent on properties etc.

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